Our baby steps towards Open Source and On-Deamand Software

Why should there be any resistance to open source or on-demand software, if they are of value to organizations? I have been pondering over this question myself. Is it just the case of resistance to change? Probably.

Now last week, my team suggested that it was about time we had collaboration software to manage our projects documentation. And then I came across a news item on Twiki. Twiki is an open source collaboration platform used by organizations such as Yahoo!, SAP, and Motorola. Enthused by these names, I am now trying to convince our IT department to help us implement this software for Project Management Office.

So far, this week I have been a bit more adventurous than usual. We have kicked off another project. I have asked my colleague to evaluate application of On-demand software in our environment. In fact we have registered with Salesforce.com and whatever I have seen so far is nothing less than exciting. Encouraged with what I have briefly seen, I have asked my colleague to find answers to following questions in her study:
– Why is the world more enthusiastic about On-demand when ASP has not been a great success?
– What could be the criteria to decide on the use of on-demand software in our environment?
– Which are the applications as outlined in our IT strategy could qualify for on-demand software?

These are our baby steps towards open source and on-demand software. Hopefully, I will be able to post some positive development on both these fronts in weeks to come.

Incidentally, lot of action seems to be happening in on-demand CRM software space. SAP is expected to announce its on-demand software next week. And Siebel is already offering on-demand software since last year.


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