TWIKI: Implementing TWIKI 02

About 4 months back I wrote a blog entry “Implementing Twiki – 01” on our attempts to implement TWIKI – an open source WIKI software, using which we wanted to build a Knowledge Management application for our Project Management Office. There has been so much talk about Open Source software that I was tempted to experience the fruits of Open Source first hand, besides we really do not have budget for such an initiative. One of the obstacles that we are facing is the lack of training material and trained resources. Or may be we are not aware of such self-help or CBT material that could be helpful to us to train ourselves on functional, technical and system administration aspects of the software so that we could quickly build applications using TWIKI.

Having said so, we have made progress. We managed to install the software within a week and I could create a simple page detailing the purpose of our TWIKI implementation. Encouraged by our recent success, we have set ourselves very stiff target and we hope to be ready with one or two applications by the end of this month.

Any advice or help is always welcome.


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