Process Matters

Jeev Milkha Singh is India’s top golfer. This year he won 3 tournaments on the asian and 1 on the european circuit. This helped him move up in rankings by more than 250+ ranks to a position of 37th in the world ranking in just 1 year. An amazing performance, especially considering that his last win came six years ago. So, what’s a golfer got to do with this process and technology oriented blog?

I saw his interview today on one of the Indian channels – CNN-IBN. When the interviewer asked him about his amazing turnaround in the performance, Jeev replied, “The main change I have made is that I was very result-oriented in the last six years. But I told myself after I won the Volvo China Open, ‘You just go out there and try to follow your process and routine and see what happens.’ Then I won the Volvo China that week and after that I have just been focusing on the process and routine, and that’s given me immense amount of confidence and I have gone ahead and got a lot of top-tens and a lot more wins.”

Interesting isn’t it? Being process oriented helped Jeev achieve the results. So whats the takeaway? Focus on your process. Perfect your process. Results will follow. Results will be more consistent.


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