BPM Series: Certification in Business Process Management

Business Process Management Group (BPM Group) is one of the leading agencies building community of professionals engaged in business process and change management. BPM Group also offers certification course in Business Process Management. Titled as Certified Process Management – Practitioner (CPI-M), it is 5 day classroom course followed by post course work. It costs about USD 4500+.

Large no. of business organizations are engaged in implementing BPM Systems to automate their mission critical processes. However, on most of the occasions such implementations become technology initiatives ending up automating as-is processes. This happens primarily because professionals involved in such initiatives are primarily IT consultants proficient in BPM System rather than experts in process management and improvement. Hence there is a crying need for training and education in the area of BPM such as the one offered by BPM Group especially considering that there is hardly any formal courses offered in schools and universities.

And so, certification such as CPM-P has potential to become the standard for professionals desiring career in Business Process Management similar to what CPIM is for supply chain professionals and PMP is for Project Managers . However, there are two challenges. CPM-P is prohibitively expensive and requires classroom training. BPM Group needs to drastically reduce the cost and offer the certification in self learning mode.


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