Sidewalk: We are Smarter!

The Wharton School, MIT Sloan School of Management, Pearson Education and Shared Insights have come together and instituted a project called “We Are Smarter Than Me“. The basic premise of this project is “We is greater than Me”. That is collective intelligence of “We” is greater than “Me” and collaboration amongst “We” can achieve much more than what could be achieved by “Me”. The project aims at creating a “network book” extending this theory in business and invites authors / contributors across the world to join the project. The project is “enabled” by “Wiki” technology.

Are there business functions which are conventionally performed by individuals or individual organizations and which can be taken over by community or large group of people (unrelated in terms of location, nationality, social and business status, etc.)? Could be. I know of at least one example where this has worked and delivered value to customers / users. “Open Source systems” is a classic case of the “We” world, where the software is designed, developed and maintained by a community or large group of “unrelated” people. And have software users been benefited by this phenomenon? The answer is “YES”!

So in case you think you belong to the “We” world, join We Are Smarter Than Me project. Here is an invite:


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