Life on the other side of the table!

I am in the middle of a job change after almost 4 years. Last time I was in a similar situation in 2003, when I left my job in IT consulting to be on other side of the table to join one of the leading private life insurers of India. I performed various roles and moved from business analysis organization to project management office to IT organization within the company. Most of the time IT professionals believe that life on the other side of the table is dull, mundane and monotonous. But for me and my colleagues, I think these last 4 years were eventful. Indeed we had our successes and failures. But we certainly delivered value for the organization.

During these last 4 years, I had to deal with a number of issues and find answers to some tough questions with no easy answers. Is IT the core competency of the organization? Should we insource or outsource? Do we outource complete SDLC or should we retain business analysis? What is the most effective IT organization? Should Business Analysts be part of IT or business functions? Who owns business systems – business functions or IT? Who owns data in the business systems? How do we align IT with business? Who owns IT projects?

While in the upcoming blog entries, I would pen down my thoughts on some of these issues and questions, I would certainly like to hear from you. How have you addressed these issues and what are yours to these questions?


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